Barbie Movies in Hindi List “2018”

Barbie movies: – A doll Barbie  which is famous in worldwide for her fashionable style status produced by the company Mattel Inc, America. Ruth Handle is the person behind launching Barbie dolls in 1959. The real name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts. After taking place in every kid’s heart this cultural icon got released first time in a form of a movie in 1987. you can get barbie movies in hindi from this website

List Of Barbie Movies in Hindi

From 1987 to till date, there are 32 movie series of Barbie released one after one. Not only these, In India, there is also the craze for Barbie Movies in Hindi among the children. So let us have a look on the complete lists of the Barbie movies.

  • NAME— Barbie and the rockers

The Barbie and the Rockers movie was originally from the United States. It has been released in English language. The genre of this movie is based on musical, animated, adventure, and science fiction.

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The entire story was written by Bill Dubay, Martha Moran, Ruth Handler. The direction of this amazing movie was done by Bernard Deyriès. Haim Saban and Shuki Levy has brought their musical touch to make it animated for the kids. The financial men behind the movie are      Eric S. Rollman, Andy Heyward.Running time of this animated series is 30 minutes and it got released in the year of 1987.It got the rating 6.7 out of 10.

  • NAME– Barbie and sensations.

The characters of the movie “Barbie and sensations” are Derek, Dee Dee, Dr. Leonard, Dana, Diva, Kim, and Dr.Merrishaw.The story is about the going back to the previous time such as 1959.

Barbie movies in hindi

Once Barbie and her band were going back to home and suddenly space shuttle underwent a time warp.Dr. Merrishaw and his daughter Kim helped them to return home after some tour and performances around that city. Barbie and sensations were also released in the year 1987. The movie is about 25 minutes long and got the rating 6.2 out of 10. you can get barbie movies in hindi watch online.

  • NAME— Dance! workout with Barbie

Directors for the “Dance! Workout with Barbie” is Steve Purcell and Jennifer Marchese( who was the co-director of that movie). Peg Jordan is the main story writer of that movie. characters those who had put their 100% effort to make the movie very beautiful are, Jennifer, Love Hewitt, Holly Childers, Kimberly Butler.

barbie movies in hindi

After 5 years Dance! workout with Barbie hit the floor in the year of 1992. The movie is half an hour long and impressed everyone with the rating of 6.2 out of 10.

  • NAME— Barbie in the Nutcracker

barbie movies in hindi

The movie was directed by Owen Hurley. Linda Engelsiepen and Hilary Hinkle have made the story of this.The characters of this movie are King Eric, Clara, Tommy, Grandfather Drosselmeyer, Barbie as Nutcracker, Rock Giant, Peppermint Girl, Faery. Released date for the movie is 2001.where it is about 76 minutes long. Rating for this movie is 6.2 out of 10.

NAME— Barbie as Rapunzel

After the exactly 1 year it got released in 2002.It took 6.3 rating out of 10.Length of this movie is 84 minutes. This frisky movie  is directed by Owen Hurley and produced by Jesyca C. and Durchin Jennifer Twiner McCarron. The movie “Barbie as Rapunzel” is based onRapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.All the story was made by Elana Lesser and Cliff Ruby. The characters which, made the emotion of this movie, are Prince Stefan, Princess Rapunzel, Gothel, Penelope, King Wilhelm, Mother of Rapunzel, King Frederick, Prince Tommy. The movie is about telling a story to little sister Kelly by Barbie. Kelly lost his confidence in her abilities of painting. At the last, Barbie as Rapunzel got her biological parents back and happily married Stefan. Barbie Movies in Hindi Available More Videos and Movies Watch here

  • NAME— Barbie of swan lake.

In the year of 2003, this 81 minutes long movie got released.  It took the Rating of 6.3 out of 10. The movie is based on a story to Kelly elaborated by her sibling  Barbie. Kelly was little concern about living in a camp for the whole night. The story of barbie had brought new hope and confidence to the Kelly and she also assuredthat she will not give up on her race. Owen Hurley is the director of the movie where Kim Dent Wilder and Rob Hudnut was the  producer behind this hit movie. All the story was written by Elana Lesser Cliff Ruby. The plot of the movie is about Swan Lake by PyotrIlyich Tchaikovsky.

7) NAME— Barbie as the Princess and pauper.

The “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” has been Directed by William Lau. And the Producer behind the project is Jesyca C. Durchin and Jennifer Twiner McCarron. Cliff Ruby was the mastermind behind the movie. The movie was based on the born of the blonde princess and brunette pauper in an unknown place or kingdom.  Princess Anneliese wanted to be free from the duties of kingdom. She wanted to marry her love Julian where her mother Queen Genevieve wanted her to marry a rich king nearby their place.The characters of Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper are Princess Anneliese, King Dominick, Madame Carp, Preminger, Queen Genevieve, Palace Maid, Ambassador Bismark, Royal Scheduler, Bertie, Serafina, Minister, Nack, Nick, Herve, Midas, Erika, Gaurd #2, Wolfie, Guard #1, Guard #3, and Julian. Released date for this movie is 2004. This 83 minutes long movie got the rating of 6.7 out of 10.

8) NAME— Barbie and Magic of Pegasus.

After one year in 2005, the movie Released and impressed everyone with 6.4 ratings out of 10. Movie Length is about 83 minutes long.Direction of the movie was done by Greg Richardson and produced by Luke Carroll and, Jesyca C. Durchin. Elana Lesser and Cliff Ruby both had plotted the movie with a nice story. Arnie Roth brought the characters live with his amazing music. The Queen just wanted to give a birthday gift surprise with her Daughter Annika

9) NAME— Barbie Fairytopia

In the same year, i.e.2005 the movie 70 minutes long movie Barbie Fairytopia hit the box office with 5.8 ratings out of 10.Bibble, Laverna, Elina, Happy Trolls, Azura, Pixie #1, Prince Kai, Pixie #4, Pixie #5, Pixie #2, Mermaid #1, Pixie #3, Amythyst, Topaz, Ruby, Dahlia, Hue, Quill, Enchantress, Mermaid #2, Dandelion, Larkspur, and Fungus are the Fairytopia Characters.


10) NAME— Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princess.

This 83 minutes long movie was Released on the year 2006.Rating for this movie is 6.6 out of 10.The “Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses movie” was directed by Greg Richardson and produced by SheaWageman. The credit of this movie’s story goes to Elana Lesser, Cliff Ruby. It is Based on the Twelve Dancing Princesses by their Brothers Grimm. The list sisters playing their characters in the movie are Genevieve as the seventh sister, Ashlyn as the eldest sister who was 24-year-old, Blair as the 2nd sister of 22-years,Delia as the 20-year-old 4th sister who was very adventurous in nature. Edeline was the 20-year-old and 5th sister. The 6th sister was Fallon who was 17-year-old. Hadley and Isla was both the 13-year-old and 8th& 9th sister respectively. Courtney as the 3rd sister who was of 21-years. Janessa & Kathleen was the 5-year-old the 10th & 11th sister. Kathleen was the commander of the fraternal triplets. The youngest sister of these 12 princesses is Lacey who was 5-year-old. All the 12 sisters or the princesses made a quite interesting story for the kids.

11) NAME— Barbie FairytopiaMermaidia

FairytopiaMermaidia got the released date in 2006. The film is about the character Elina who was a wingless fairy. Enchantress had a demonic sister Laverna who was defeated by the fairy Elina. As a result, she was awarded wings by Enchantress. All the film is based on how Elina flying story. The film has suspense at every moment as the Fungi of  Laverna kidnapped Elina’s friend Nalu and merman prince.In the end, Nalu was rescued, and Elina went back the Fairytopia.This 75 minutes long movie got the 6 ratings out of 10.

12) NAME— The Barbie Diaries

Another series of Barbie got released in 2006 with the rating of 5.5 out of 10. Length for this movie is 70 minutes. An Image of American teenager has been shown in the movie “The Barbie Diaries”. Barbie faces thousands problem in her teenage life such as conversation with the new one, gossips, dating a person and getting involved in the events of the school. The movie was based on how Barbie deals with everyone and get out herself from her own closed loop zone.

13) NAME— Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of The Rainbow.

In the year of 2007, Barbie Fairytopia fit the box office with 6 ratings out of 10. The reel life characters of the movie “Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow” are Bibble, Laverna, Elina, Fungus Maximus, Faban, Dizzle, Azura, Pixie #1, Fungus #1, Fungus #2, Pixie #2, Enchantress, Linden, Sunburst, Glee, and Shimmer. This the series movie of the previous film “Barbie FairytopiaMermaidia” directed by Walter P. Martishius and Will Lau.The 75 minutes movie was full of fun for the kids.

14) NAME— Barbie as the Island Princess.

Island Princess was the second movie, which was released in the year of 2007. A little girl had shipwrecked on an unknown island which was discovered by an erudite panda named Sagi and a peacock Azul. A little baby elephant Tika, that panda, and peacock decided to help out that sie years old girl. In the end, that baby girl got her parents back and Sagi, Azul, Tikagot to know that baby girl’s name is Rosella.86 minutes lengthy movie got the rating of 6.3 out of 10.

15) NAME— Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Releasing year for the movie is 2008. The Characters which made the movie “Barbie in a Christmas Carol” more heartwarming are Eden Starling, Ghost of Christmas Present, Chuzzlewit, Aunt Marie, Spirit of Christmas Past, Mrs. Dorrit, Mrs. Beadnell, Orphanage Head, Barbie, Hypnotist, Spirit Of Christmas Future, Kelly, Jacob, Baby, Freddy, Nan, Seamstress, Ann, Catherine, Boz, Maurice, andTammy.The genre of the movie “Barbie in A Christmas Carol ”  was based on  Holiday, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, and Family.This movie got  6.4 out of 10. A time duration of this movie is 76 minutes.

16) NAME— Barbie and the Diamond Castle

The movie starts the Barbie and Teresa who is Barbie’s best friend. Barbie’s sister, Stacie gets angry when Teresa was playing her guitar. Both of them get angry on each other all the time. All the movie is based on the story of two best friends Liana and Alexa which was told by Barbie to Stacie. Moral of the story of Barbie was Nothing breaks the friendship which is true to each other.This super cute movie of 79 minutes long was released in 2008. It had 6.2 ratings out of 10.

17) NAME— Barbie Mariposa

Another Barbie series named ‘Barbie Mariposa’ was released in the year of 2008. The movie starts with the thought of Bibble that he cannot be the friend of his friends. The plot of the movie is based on the story told by Elina to Bibble. The story was about the  Mariposa who was the friend of Elina. Mariposa was a fairy from the place Flutterfield. Rating for the movie was 5.9 out of 10. It was almost 75 minutes long.

18) NAME— Barbie as Thumbelina

The first Barbie movie of 2009 was released with a title of Barbie as Thumbelina. The beginning of the movie shows the walking scene in a meadow of  Barbie and kindergarten students who were about to do the plantation of the tree. The whole movie presents the beautiful greenery of the garden.In the end, the movie shows the moral of not underestimating the small things in life. This 75 minutes long movie took the rating of 5.7 out of 10.

19) NAME— Barbie and the Three  Musketeers

The second Barbie series was also released in the same year of 2009.Barbie as Corinne was a teenager of 17 years old and wanted to become Musketeer as her father was so. The little baby cat of her also wanted to be mus”cat”.But in the path of their destination, they encounter a lot of obstacles. The story was written by Amy Wolfram and directed by William Lau.The movie was 81 minutes movie had a good rating of 6 out of 10.

20) NAME— Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

The Fashion lover Fairytale Barbie movie was released in 2010. The movie begins with the actress Barbie who was shooting a film “The Princess and the Pea”. The director suddenly throws her out from the film as Barbie asked some questions to him. all the haters started to put cruel thoughts on her which brought the dilleme to Barbie about her future.Even her boyfriend also broke up with her after that incident. All the story was beautifully portayed by the director William Lau.It got a very good response with 6.1 ratings out of 10. The movie was almost 79 minutes long.

21) NAME— Barbie In a Mermaid Tale

The first part of Mermaid Tale got Released in the year of 2010. The story is about a surfer Merliah in The Malibu. Merliah gets disturb by the continuous hair wiping out in the surfing competition. She gets to know that she has the power to breath under the water. The movie is based on meeting a dolphin Zuma with Merliah who wanted to talk with her. Merliah turned into a Mermaid in the movie. All the movie shows the entire beauty of Ocean. But at the end Merliah  returned to her own lad where she was surfing.75 minutes long movie took the heart of everyone with 6.1 ratings out of 10.

22) NAME— Barbie: A Fairy Secret

As usual every year a Barbie movie is releasing. The movie is based on the celebrity life of Barbie. Her latest movie with the star Ken was going to be released. Her stylists had the power of magic as they were fairies. Elise Allen who was the writer of the movie brought the characters such as Barbie, Ken, Raquelle, Carrie, Taylor, Princess Graciella, Crystal, Zane, and Lilliana Roxelle. The director of the movie William Lau did a fantastic justice to all the characters.In 2011, with 72 minutes story, the movie released and got 5.6 ratings out of 10.

23) NAME— Barbie: Princess Charm School.

This best Barbe movie was released in the year of 2011. The character Blair Willows is the very soulful, kind girl who lives in Gardenia with her mother and little sister. Emily, the younger sister of Blair Willows works in a cafe as a waitress for their ill mother. Zeke Norton plotted a very nice story by his direction.81 minutes of this movie melted everyone’s heart and made as the hit with 6.3 ratings out of 10

24) NAME— Barbie: A Perfect Christmas.

This 74 minutes long movie got released on 2011 with the rating of 5.6 out of 10.It is an interesting story of the Barbie sisters. Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea planned a vacation with each other but this converts with an adventurous lesson. This musical and thrilling adventure was so enchanting for the viewers. After all holiday the Barbie sisters felt the imporatance of being together in a family. The director Mark Baldo and the producers Kevin Gamble and GokulKesavan did a full justice for the firm characters. Elise Allen wrote this suspense thrilling vacation of Barbie sisters.

25) NAME— Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2.

The second sequence movie of Mermaid Tale was Released in 2012. After one year of the previous movieMerliah was participation in another surfing competition. She defeated  KylieMorgan,her rival and took the first place in the competition. Merliah very often turns into a mermaid with the magical neck piece. Kylie and Merliah had turned into friends. At the time of the competition, they both truly fight to win. Kylie won the surfing competition. but she brought her friend Merliah and shared the trophy on the stage. The second part was about 73 minutes and got the rating of 5.9 out of 10.

26) NAME— Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar.

‘The Princess & the Popstar’ was 86 minutes long and got released on 2012. The movie characters of this film “Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar” are PopstarKeira, Princess Tori, Seymour Crider, Prince Liam, Duchess Amelia, Palace Guard #1, King Frederic, Vanessa, Emily, Nora, Meredith, Trevi, Riff, Pag. The film is based on the princess Tori and her little sister Meredith’s life. At the end of the movie the princess, Tori turned to a bit more confident about her life.Rating for the movie is 5.7 out of 10. The story is directed by Zeke Norton and Produced by Shelley Dvi-Vardhana and Shawn McCorkindale. Writing credit goes to Steve Granat and Cydne Clark. as well as you can know d&d 5e character sheet fillable pdf

27) NAME— Barbie And Her Sister In a Pony Tale.

The first Barbie movie of 2013 was ‘Barbie And Her Sister In a Pony Tale.’ The director of the movie is Kyran Kelly where producers are Michelle Cogan, Susan Sullivan, Dan Mokriy, David Wiebe, Rob Hudnut and KallanKagan. The movie “Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale” is all about the Barbie sisters Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea. They went on a vibrating adventure in the majestic Alps. Barbie dreams to have a horse where Stacie wanted to show all that she is the genius in equestrian.The story was written by Cydne Clark and Steve Granat both.

28) NAME— Barbie: Mariposa And The  Fairy Princess.

Another movie named Barbie: Mariposa And The  Fairy Princess was released on the same the year of 2013. This movie is the series of “Barbie: Fairytopia”. All the film is based on the character Mariposa. The rest of the character who made the film more attractive towards the kids are Princess Catania, Willa / Zee, Gwyllion / Anu, Talayla, Prince Carlos, Queen Marabella, Lord Gastrous, King Regelliu, Boris. The genre of the movie is about Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, and Friendship. Elise Allen plotted a very good story which results in this awesome movie.

29) NAME— Barbie In The Pink Shoes.

Released year for this cutest movie is 2013.The movie is based on the dancing life of Barbie as Kristin. The time when she and her friend Hayley, put up the pink ballerina shoes they just get lost in their own world and make everyone, mesmerizing. Director of the movie is Owen Hurley and the producer are helleyDvi-Vardhana and S.T. Sivaraman. All the dancing genre story was written by Alison Taylor. Rating for the movie was 5.5 out of 10. This was about 75 minutes long.

30) NAME— Barbie And The Secret Door.

The Barbie as Alexa was very shy in nature who loves to read books. Alexa always finds a scope for not doing her royal jobs. In an account of this, her Grandmother gifted a storybook of a princess who had the power of magic.The movie was all about going in an unknown Royal garden through a magic Door. After a huge thrilling journey, Alexa returns to her Kingdom.This 81 minutes long movie was released on the year of 2014.

31) NAME— Barbie: The Pearl Princess.

“Barbie: The Pearl princess” was released on the year 2014.Th Movie starts with the pearl magic by Lumina to make a plexus coronation for the Kuda.Kudawas crowned as Princess Kuda by Lumina who was the comtroller of the seven seas. Lumina is the main character of Barbie. She was a mermaid who owns the magic of pearls. She was working in a salon for mermaids as an amazing hairstylist. All the characters such as King Nereus, Queen Lorelei, Scylla, Caligo, Fergie, Murray, Madame Ruckus, Garth, Wormwood, Spike, Cora, Sandrine, Purple Mer-teen, Delphin, Dolphin were beautifully directed by           Zeke Norton. It was about 73 minutes long.

32) NAME— Barbie In Princess Power.

Characters of the movie “Barbie in Princess Power” are Wes Rivers, Parker, Corinne, Gabby, Newton, Construction Worker, King Kristoff, Queen Karina, Zooey, Bruce, Super Sparkle, Firechief, and Policeman. This was just 74 minutes long and also quite impressive for the kids.In the latest year,2015 this movie got released.

These are the 32 movie series  with their regarding story details of the fashion Icon “BARBIE.” In this running year 2018, a new movie of BARBIE is going to be released. The latest movie  will also be a hit for all the Barbie lovers or the Kid lovers. Not only the kids but also the elder BARBIE lovers are keen to knock the door of the cinema hall in 2018. Hope we have covered all the information of the Topic Barbie. Want to add some information? Than please let us know in the comment box. Thank you. epson l360 driver free download